Monday, April 02, 2007

Oana Vasile

"I will remember Firenze as a city where history meets arts in a delightful way, where architectural form is best emphasized by the unique light of Italy, casting well-defined shadows on all surfaces, where texture is seen more dramatically than in any other place. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be in such a wonderful place and besides that, to get to meet people who had the same interest and passion for architecture and beauty, in general. I believe that this cultural experience has a great influence on my future developement as an architect and I think that every student should have this kind of experience in order to be more open-minded and appreciate the historical values around us. To round up, i would say that this exchange of experience made in Firenze with the students from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Chzec Republic and Hungary was something I will remember over the years and gave me the great opportunity to learn more about this stunning architecture and art of Italy.Thank you."

Delia Pustea

"Busy week

Train station, hotel, room mate, an after sleep neck pain, sunlight, morning view, gathering, presentation, workshop group no.5, special breakfast, the rest of the day off, bus tickets, bus 22, bycicles, scooters, aaah – Florence center, and the photo shooting madness begins, ristorante self-service -chiuso il sabato- good to know, info map, long walks, back to the hotel………………

Sunny day, visiting hours, tired feet, bad orientation, capella Pazzi, getting late at the group meeting, tasks, narrow streets, fiat 500, long walks, the dawns in the city…………………………...

Rainy morning, visiting hours, tired feet, a bit late again, a short sitting on Santa Croce’s front stairs, drawings in the garden, famous piazzas, people, gelata……………………………

Sunny day, one apple in the morning, a PACE flag at one window, visiting hours, tired feet, head full, overwelmed, music on the streets, small piazzas=piazzette, music in the buildings, catching the last bus, aromatic tea……………………..

Sunny day, last visits, last preparations, tension, the moment of trouth, pizza party, after party…..

Saturday, the day off, touring for the last time, the city pavement, entrances, window shutters Silvia, one university’s cafeteria, the weat weat rain, il duomo, the great view, the goodbyes and the packing……

Early early morning, bus station gathering, bus 22, central train station……….. busy week indeed"

Anca Maria Manta

"To begin whith, I’d say that the historical centre of Florence is a beautiful, coherent and unitary place, for it is composed of buidings which mostly belong to Reinaissance style, where you can nottice the same proportions, same materials ( as stone, marble ) and same colours ( as sand colour, ivory colour ) used all around you.

On one hand, what has surprised me for sure were the sizes of architectural detalils, buildings and squares which can not be understood from pictures; moreover, the fact that you can walk through the streets helps you understand much better the urban composition, makes you see the essential difference between Florence and other European historical cities; the Reinaissancist architects really had a great sensibillity and knowledge when playing whith space and volumes, creating different kind of oppenings and enclosures to the viewer, always leaving a bit more space than you would have expected, using elements of surprise, keeping in mind the fact that, from several places, the passer by can observe the whole composition, after which, aproaching the main element, parts which come as details are discoverd.

On the other hand, the fact that the centre continues to be used and lived in nowadays contribues a lot to its power of suggestion and its credibility; moreover, the contrast which arrises from this opposition – the people and habbits are from the present , the buildings are from the past – increases the charm and warmness of the place, whithout making it seem obsolete.

Due to all this, the historical part of Florence is both a living statement of what was it like in the XV – XVII centuries and a proof of how a great past can be adapted, whith concerment, to an ustable and fast - changing present and future.

All in all, I have to say that my staying for one week didn’t cover all that Florence means , so I shall come back and visit the city at least once more in the nearest future, for it trully has a lot more to be seen and discovered."

Laura Chifiriuc

"Flashbacks of Florence?… I was a little kid in a candy shop; All my time spent there I delighted myself with all its flavours – renaissance, modernity, toscan lights and shadows, colors, the mourning espresso, night walks, people from countries I’ll probably never get to see; flavours…lots of flavours…

And architecture was the main factor that bounded people one moment in time… renaissance time."

Gabriela Albu

"My experience in Florence was unlike any other. Florence today is a mixture of the old and new…new things in old building.

The opportunities provided to me by the Florence workshop were amazing and truly made my experience as rich and fulfilling as it was.

I will never forget the Leonardo da Vinci works exposed at the Uffizi Gallery , the tiny and very preatty shops all over the town , the gold jewelers from Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence, the wine and the great food. Italian culture simply cannot be beaten."